If there is one thing I have learned over the last twenty years of working with women and teaching PR, it’s that most of us feel distinctly uncomfortable when it comes to sharing our story and our expertise.

However, if you want to have influence and make change happen, you have to have some presence and power. Otherwise no one will know about you and the awesome things you do to help others.

Let me help you understand why you should be building your profile and how by doing that, you are helping others.

Consider it an investment in yourself – and you deserve it!

There are six elements that, if you master them, I believe you will be a woman of power and influence. It will help you stand out in a crowd – and you will feel good about yourself at the same time.

If you don’t already know Jules, she’s a force for good for women in business globally – a connector, speaker, advocate, influencer, business owner, and of course host of She’s The Boss. Jules empowers women to help other women succeed.

Lucy Lloyd

Founder, Mentorloop

The Seven Pillars to becoming an Influential woman

I believe there are seven elements that you need, in order to become the ‘mover and shaker’ you want to be. If you are doing all seven, you will build influence fast. If you have some of these already, then you just need to get up to speed on the elements you are missing.


Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn

It is the best way to get noticed by people leading organisations, and by men. 

Over 850M people on LinkedIn but only 2% post

Regular LinkedIn posts will help you build an influential network globally

You can get direct contact with leaders through LinkedIn messages

Lynnaire Johnston is the Number One LinkedIn voice for NZ and has lots of tips she will share


Podcasting can help you build profile and your networks, fast!

People get to hear, and trust, your voice

It gives you a reason to reach out to senior leaders on LinkedIn

It gives you an opportunity to share content across all your social channels, that is not about yourself

You will build followers and listeners in your industry

Make sure your topics, and content, positions you as a leader


We all know that the person on the stage at an event is a leader

It is a great way to share your expertise and build a following

Make sure you get paid (if it is a paid event)

Consider running workshops too (also great positioning)

Dr Louise Mahler is Australia’s Number One Public Speaker. She is truly at the top of the tree and has some techniques she will share with you.


Getting featured in the media immediately positions you as a leader in your field, and builds trust

It is always worthwhile building relationships directly with journalists and producers

Target media that your clients will ready/watch/listen to

Think big! Pitch to TV and radio as well as print and online

I have been teaching PR to business owners for over a decade and can guide you through this process


Building a network of supporters, colleagues and advisors is crucial to your success

Networking doesn’t come easily to everyone but you must learn the skill

Wendy Lloyd Curley, author of ‘Don’t Waste Your Time Networking’ is an expert at this and has some steps and techniques that will help you.

I can teach you some skills and introduce you to influential women to help you get ahead


Winning Awards validates your position as a winner and can give you great exposure to a new audience

It is important to promote that you have won the award and that you capitalise on the ‘buzz’

You can share your awards everywhere – website, email signature, social media and more!

Annette Densham is known for helping women win awards through her agency, The Audacious Agency. She will be sharing her top tips with you.

Online Courses

Create an online course to impart your wisdom to your customers in an evergreen way. This can be the perfect start to your sales funnel, and once you have created it, you can get your message out to many more people easily. It’s also the perfect start to a sales funnel. Let people get to know you, and the way you teach, by creating an online course they can easily access.

Book in a time to chat with Jules and do an ‘influence audit’ where together you can work out which of the pillars you still need.

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Depending on where you are in terms of influence, and where you want to be, you can choose to work directly with Jules, one-to-one, where she will hold your hand, and help you create the content you need to build your profile and power, or you can choose to work in a group.

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Jules, you have definitely been the most wonderful support, such an amazing advocate and champion for women. You’ve often reminded me to just take the leap and go do it, and not overthink it. Giving me that bit of extra self-confidence that I needed. You’ve connected so many people, that have led to really meaningful relationships and I can’t imagine how to even to start measuring the impact of that alone!

Athena Thompson

Founder, Techlever