Sue Fennessy has been an entrepreneur since she left school, and is one of the most successful, and nicest female founders out there! Sue’s story started with a fax machine in her bedroom when she started her first business, MM Communications, a marketing and PR agency in Melbourne. This was followed by a move to Shanghai where she started the Chinese arm of Frontier Entertainment and brought international acts. such as Andrew Lloyd Webber productions to China for the first time. Then she came back to Australia and started the Standard media Index (SMI) to bring transparency to where brands were spending their marketing dollars. As SMI grew, Sue moved to New York to expand the business into the USA.

This was followed by a lightbulb moment where Sue realised that the $550 billion dollars that social media platforms like Facebook were earning from advertising, and the data that was being mined, should be handed back to the people. So she created WeAre8, bringing brands and people together to change the world. Sue still lives in New York and has spent the last 10 years building WeAre8. She explains how, at one stage she realised the model was wrong and had to pare back to a tiny team, reassess the situation and rebuild. It’s now taking off around the world. Sue is an absolute hero of Jules’ (they have known each other for years) and this interview will definitely inspire anyone who has plans for global disruption!