She’s The Boss Group

She’s The Boss is all about making female founders and women in business more visible, more connected and fully supported. Founded by Jules in early 2020, the group continues to grow as word is spread.

There are fortnightly online lunches for female founders and women in business, a fully engaged Facebook Community, the She’s The Boss Chats and She’s The Boss Leaders podcast. Both podcasts are focused on women doing amazing things in business and how they got to where they are.

There’s a YouTube channel, also called She’s The Boss where Jules has interviewed extraordinary women from Australia and around the world about how they achieved their success.

In 2021 she was joined by Antonia Grimard, and The Learning Table online events started. Each month Jules invites a successful woman in business to share her knowledge and spark a conversation.

Jules and Antonia are on a mission to grow the She’s The Boss Community, shine the spotlight on more and more business women who deserve to be seen and heard via the podcasts, and to create more opportunities for women to build awareness of themselves and what they are doing in business.

Lifting up the women around us

We strongly believe in lifting up the women around us.

Jules’ works hard to lead by example and encourage women ‘to be that woman who will mention another women’s name in a room full of opportunities’ and she really lives it.

The She’s The Boss Group is for successful female founders and women doing extraordinary things in business to find their ‘tribe’. It offers support, networking, problem solving and social events to members and non-members..

Jules Brooke is a freaking legend. I’ve been attending She’s The Boss lunches since they began. I’ve always been a massive fan of Jules. Her heart for lifting other women, promoting collaboration over competition, resonates so deeply with me.

Annette Densham

Co-Founder, Audacious Agency

Talks and workshops

Podcast and TV interviews


She’s The Boss Chats is a series of in-depth interviews
with amazing, inspiring women who run their own
businesses. In each episode Jules talks to them about
their entrepreneurial journey from when they left school
to where they are now (often a very wiggly path!),
what their ‘lightbulb’ moment was, the women that
have inspired them along the way and what they have
learned from their experiences.

Cindy Gallop in New York explains why she has no regrets about going out on her own in business.

YouTube interviews

Watch a snippet from one of the episodes of She’s The Boss here, or go to the YouTube Channel to binge watch all the shows. You will be astounded and inspired by the stories.

Jules has managed to connect with extraordinary women from the USA, UK, Australia, Iceland and India. She deliberately targets women with a passion for disrupting industries and changing the status quo.

She’s The Boss Sponsorship Opportunities!

you have definitely been the most wonderful support, such an amazing advocate and champ for women. You’ve often reminded me to just take the leap and go do it, and not overthink it. Given me that bit of extra self confidence that I needed. You’ve connected so many people, that have led to really meaningful relationships & I can’t imagine how to even to start measuring the impact of that alone!

Athena Thompson

Problem Solver & Business Strategist, Techlever