Sheree Rubinstein is such an inspiration! She created One Roof as a co-working space for female entrepreneurs and it has everything a business woman would want, from childcare to courses to social events and business support. Starting out as a lawyer, it didn’t take Sheree long to realise it really wasn’t for her. She wanted to build something herself. The concept of One Roof took off fast and Sheree was lucky to be given access to a space in Southbank, Melbourne that was ideal. She invested time and resources to make it perfect, including an event space.

After 4 years, she was given notice and had to find a new space. In order to do that she needed money and Sheree describes what it was like to capital raise (her experience with her female investors sounds like the ideal scenario!) and then COVID hit. Where many women would have curled up in a ball as co-working spaces became unworkable, Sheree pivoted to online and created One Line, making the community and support services available to women around the country (and overseas). You’ll love this story from a woman who is determined to support Australian female founders. Get inspired!