Rochelle Courtenay is one inspiring woman! Not only has she built Share the Dignity into a huge brand that has built awareness of the lack of sanitary products available for homeless women, or as she calls it, ‘period poverty’ but she has also agitated successfully for the removal of the GST that was applied to tampons and sanitary products for years and years. And that’s not half of it!

Watch the show to find out how she grew a volunteer network of over 5,000 ‘Sheroes, how she created free vending machines with ‘period packs’, and what she doing to help our indigenous sisters and the women caught in the bushfires or caught out by COVID. She explains the challenges she is facing right now, as many of her annual drives have been canceled because of the pandemic, and what she is doing to get around the obstacles. Share the Dignity is more important than ever as we come out of the pandemic and lockdown, with more and more women needing access to sanitary products.

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