Public Relations

Jules is a PR expert and has been teaching PR for many years now. Having run her own PR agency from 2003 to 2012, Jules had a ‘lightbulb moment’ during the GFC whre she realised that the media deperately needs new content, and small business owners need publicity. Why not teach people how to pitch directly to the media. And so Handle Your Own PR was born!

Handle Your Own PR is a SaaS PR platform that steps people through the PR process in an easy-to-follow, intuitive way. The site includes a transparent, curated media contact database of thousands of journalists where customers can build their own media contact lists.

Handle Your Own PR also provides self paced PR training and mentoring products.


Online PR Engine

The Handle Your Own PR Engine is an innovative software solution that takes business owners step-by-step through the media pitching process. From choosing the media contacts, building the media list, writing the media release (we have a simple template), writing the accompanying email and sending it out to the media, our software does it all!

PR mentoring

Jules offers practical, results-driven online training and mentoring to ensure that every business owner that wants to learn how to pitch to the media, can.

She helps guide people through the entire PR process and teaches the most effective way to write and distribute media releases as well as how to come up with newsworthy angles, PR strategy and much more.

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