Nafisa’s story is absolutely fascinating. From growing up in Hong Kong and being ‘good at maths as well as art, Nafisa studied for her medical degree to please her parents. As soon as it was finished, she started an activewear fashion brand that went global and she ran that for ten years before deciding to pursue her first love, portraiture. She went on to found Portraits Artists Australia, an NFP to support artists. She went on to win the Archibald Prize and the Gold Medal for Painting at the Florence Biennale and her work hangs in the National Gallery.

Another of Nafisa’s great loves throughout her life has been wildlife and animals. She is now dedicating the rest of her life to wildlife protection as the co-founder of Animalworks International where they will be raising funds for specific equipment – and focusing on solar-powered water pumps. This is a woman who excels at everything she turns her mind to. A total inspiration!

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