Martina is turning education as we know it on its head. Thank goodness for women like her! As a school teacher and principal for many years, Martina knew that something needed to change and so she created The School Beyond Limitations, an online school for students from all over the world. The School Beyond Limitations has students of all different ages that share the same virtual classroom (just like real life where we have to interact with people of all ages and abilities) and follow the subjects and topics that interest them. 
Christina takes a holistic view when it comes to education, so the students can work on one subject and then look at the related areas such as geography, maths, history and biology to make the content relevant and stimulating for all ages. the lessons go for 3 hours, the students are offered the opportunity to conduct classes themselves if they would like and it completely changes their lives! The students also get the incredibly exciting opportunity to meet three times a year, in real life, in different geographic locations (how cool is that!) where they can socialise and learn together about the country or city they are in. This woman is a complete game changer when it comes to education. This episode is sponsored by Brand for Brands. Brand For Brands is a branding agency run by two sisters, located in Sydney. They specialise in building and refreshing brands that speak to the right people, the ones that will invest in your products and services. To find out more, go to
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