Lisa Cox wants to change the way disabled people are featured in the media. By the end of this episode, you will feel the same way. Lisa’s story is quite shocking as she had a stroke and then got sepsis in her 20s whilst in the midst of her career trajectory in advertising. After the initial 3 years of rehabilitation (which included two years learning to type again), she optimistically went out to reclaim her career, with the same resume and awards, but rather than being embraced back into the fold, she was basically patted on the head, told she was ‘brave’ but no one offered her a job.

Lisa knows firsthand what it is like to be affected physically but to be treated as if she is mentally impaired. She also knows that there are very few disabled role models that are ‘normal’ people – not Paralympians or geniuses – and she wants to change that. This is a super inspiring episode.

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