It’s hard to know where to start with the accolades for this incredible woman of many talents! An early adopter of digital technology and a huge fan of yoga and ‘being of service’, Polly’s interview is fascinating. On her website, she describes herself as an ‘All Purpose’ human but she is also an author, speaker, business strategist, yogi and good hustler, As one of only 400 people worldwide to have attended Brene Brown’s master course and become a Certified Dare To Lead facilitator, these days she and her business partner, Zoe Coyle (who also did the course), are running workshops around the country through their company Pilot Light.

Jules and Polly have known each other for a few years now so they discuss how they met and their combined love of startups, female founders and innovation in all its forms. They move on to Polly’s emergence from academia and her curiosity about the digital world. She has been at the forefront of innovation for decades now. Polly’s lust for life, her certainty that she was put on this planet to be of service to others and her mixture of ‘woo woo’ and business savvy make this an interview not to be missed.

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