Coaching and Mentoring

Jules has got your back and she’ll be your cheer leader!

Running a business can be lonely. Especially if you are running it on your own, but it can also happen if you have a partner, or even a team. To be an entrepreneurial, or pioneering woman takes a special set of skills, and mindset, and it helps a lot if you know someone is going on the journey with you, and has your back.

Jules is that women that can be your cheer leader, your business bestie and your confidante.

She has been running her own businesses for more than 25 years. She has a huge network of influential people she can introduce you to. She is also a big believer in just getting shit done, and has ideas and problem solving skills that are off the wazoo!

Jules doesn’t work one-on-one with very many women each year. Just a select few. Are you one of them?

Jules has a mixed bag of talents to share with you

Whether you want a gig on TV, or to sell your products or services overseas, you want to build a community or you want to be a speaker, Jules can help you realise your dreams.

With over three decades in business, almost all of that time self-employed, she has a lot of experience and a network she can tap in to, to help you.




Pick and choose what works for you

If you work together with Jules, you can tell her what you need, and that will be the focus. Her mentoring is customised to each individual.

Choose from the list below and together, you and Jules, can grow your business and your profile in Australia – and overseas if that’s what you want!

“This fabulous lady will change your life!  Her knowledge and contacts are invaluable and she will help your business grow, so grab the opportunity to work with Jules if you can.  There is no one with a bigger heart that I would recommend more highly than Jules, she will help you to achieve the results you want and you’ll have lots of fun on the way”

Marie Vlahos

HER Property and Finance

Let's get some Clarity around what you want to do

Sometimes we can all be a bit too close to our own business, to be able to see pathways to growth and opportunities to take advantage of.

I can help you with:

  • Understanding your purpose
  • Exploring business opportunities
  • Problem solving
  • Understanding your message and your market
  • Strategies for marketing and promotion for your business

Could you do with some more confidence?

One of the biggest issues for so many women, is a lack of confidence. It has been my experience, having worked with literally hundreds of business women, that most don’t understand how absolutely amazing they are. Let me build up your confidence so you realise that there is nothing you can’t achieve.

I can help you:

  • Understand your worth and what you can offer
  • How to think big and make change happen
  • Practice and perfect the art of casual videos and live
  • Create an online course and communicate with your email database
  • Start a podcast and grow your network and your brand
  • Put together your speaker kit and speaker strategy

I can help you raise your profile

For most women, putting themselves forward can feel a bit uncomfortable, if not downright scary. But it is something you NEED to do, if you are going to build your business and have impact. Profile raising is one of my specialities – in the media, on LinkedIn and Facebook, through speaking and building your network.

Whatever you choose to do, I will hold your hand through the process

  • PR coaching program – video lessons, my PR ebook, Access to my Handle Your Own PR Engine (and media contacts, even time with a journalist. Get featured in print, online, on radio and on TV 
  • Learn how to articulate your message – in print and verbally
  • Photography and positioning – creative brainstorming and connections to wonderful photographers
  • Start a podcast! I can explain why podcasts are so powerful, we can create it together, and even produce it for you – including hosting and graphics and then help you to promote it

The Inner Circle - Build and grow your influence

This is my superpower. I have a huge network of influential women and media contacts that I have built up over many years. I’m going to share them with you if we work together!

I will help you:

  • With introductions! Get business referrals and introductions to
    propel your business
  • Explore potential partners and collaborators and how
    to approach them
  • Perfect your LinkedIn profile and message strategy
  • Learn how to build a network of influential people
  • Free She’s The Boss membership with all benefits

Jules is such an INCREDIBLE mentor for all women & reminds us of our worth.
Anything PR related, Jules has you sorted. Her wealth of knowledge and experience will set you apart from the crowd.
I feel so grateful to have connected with Jules and to be mentored by her.
Such a powerhouse ?

Tammy Hewitt

Founder , Kick Fear in the Butt