Christina’s entrepreneurial spirit is inherited. So many members of her family, from her father to her uncles, invented and innovated. Choc tops, Violet Crumble and Talking Books were all a result of her family’s fresh way of looking at things. And Christina is the same. As a young Greek girl, Christina felt she didn’t really fit in at school, but she excelled at schoolwork.

After killing it in her exams, she decided against studying law (much to her mother’s dismay) and instead, went into The Arts. After studying Drama at uni, she then started her career in the television industry and there have been lots of interesting twists and turns since then. These days she is the Co-CEO of SingularityU Australia. These days she describes herself as an eternal optimist, idealist and seeker of opportunities, on a mission to inspire and empower leaders to find solutions to humanity’s grand challenges. She works with corporates, startups, scale-ups and universities and creates programs and retreats to activate innovation and growth.

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