Casey Burgess, who recently released her first solo album, is an amazing actress, musician, and television presenter with over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry. Having grown up in a musical family, Casey’s first role was in Annie while she was still at school, and on the back of that, she was mercilessly bullied by her schoolmates. As a result of her breakout stage role in the musical, she was offered a role as the presenter of Girl TV on Channel 7.

What a great way to show her bullies that she wasn’t going to let them get her down! Following on from Girl TV, Casey auditioned for the children’s group Hi-5 and was chosen to replace Charli. She stayed with Hi-5 for 4 years, traveling the world but also working incredibly hard. Finding it hard to be taken seriously after her stint in a children’s group, Casey eventually got acting roles then the Pandemic hit, and the time at home made her want to realise her dream of a solo album. That album is now out, fully funded by Casey and is called Space to Breathe.