Angela Priestly is a journalist through and through! She has always loved current affairs, politics, and writing and in her early years, she was a freelance journalist writing for a number of custom and niche publications across a variety of topics. After a stint writing for Private Media where she launched an investigative journalism title, The Power Index for, she identified a huge gap in the market. Quality journalism for women in business. And so The Women’s Agenda was created. This publication is at the top of the tree when it comes to politics, business, leadership, and more. 
When it first came out, in 2011, it was a breath of fresh air for the Australian media landscape and it still is! These days The Women’s Agenda runs events, maintains an annual Leadership awards program, and lots more. In 2018 Angela co-founded Agenda Media which recently launched Women’s Health News and other new titles covering women’s sport, STEM, climate leadership, and more. If there was only one publication you should follow in Australia as a woman in business, this would be it! Angela is amazing and you are bound to be inspired by her story and her purpose. This episode is sponsored by Brand for Brands. Brand For Brands is a branding agency run by two sisters, located in Sydney. They specialise in building and refreshing brands that speak to the right people, the ones that will invest in your products and services. To find out more, go to
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